Photobucket Gets More Organized with Themes and Skins

Top Photo sharing site and erstwhile rival of Yahoo’s Flickr, Photobucket has just rolled out some new features of its site with the aim of facilitating better display options for its users. These new features include more themes and an enhanced album organizer.

Photobucket has added a vast array of pre-made themes which you can choose to implement when showcasing your newest photo albums. Likewise, if those pre-loaded themes do not pass your taste and you want to use other themes, you can easily create your own album design theme. Aside from this, you can also use new Photobucket tools to more easily organize photos and videos in your albums. With the new theme organizer (similar to MySpace’s customization feature), you can change background image, select border styles for photo and video thumbnails, choose color palette of the theme, customize the share and link options in the album and share your designs to other Photobucket users as well.

Additionally, themes can be added to individual albums and to Group albums as well. The Group Album allows Photobucket members to conveniently access, share and view photos to a single album.
Aside from the theme customization and selection feature, Photobucket is also rolling out a new content organizer. This will allow you to:

  • Instantly organize content using drag and drop procedures
  • Add titles, descriptions and tags to photos and videos in bulk
  • Customize the sort order of media in albums
  • Search through albums based on title, descriptions, or tag contents

Although these new features are somehow useful, there are however some minor kinks as of now. As’s Josh Lowensohn noted:

One thing I’d still like to see with both of these features is more cohesion among other parts of the service. For instance, if you want to edit a photo from the organizer, it kicks you out to the special partnered FotoFlexer editor. Likewise, if you’re in an album and want to rearrange the shots it feels like you’re going to a completely different site. I’m not saying Flickr’s done a better job at this, however on Photobucket the experience feels far more disjointed.

Hopefully, the Photobucket team would address this issues in their coming feature updates.