Phone Apps and Games Dominate This Week’s List of Top Gainers by Daily Active Users

This week’s list of top Facebook applications by the number of new daily active users (DAU) continues the non-news trend of last week. Popular apps are continuing to grow and picking back up losers that went away during the holidays; meanwhile, there are no surprise additions and few apps that haven’t been on the list at some point in the past.

At the top of the list, Fishville has traded places with another Zynga hit, Farmville. We cover the rest of the movement in games over at Inside Social Games, and there’s more on the list’s non-game apps below. Here it is:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. FarmVille27,898,912+1,163,442+4.17
2. Facebook for iPhone12,124,065+721,153+5.95
3. Happy Island2,276,246+484,287+21.28
4. How Well Do You Know Me?584,474+421,868+72.18
5. Tiki Farm1,010,569+378,730+37.48
6. Pillow Fight1,145,347+373,256+32.59
7. Café World9,880,979+364,195+3.69
8. Country Life2,315,020+312,038+13.48
9. FamilyLink.com1,026,238+292,159+28.47
10. Mobile6,180,705+228,782+3.70
11. Texas HoldEm Poker5,398,574+227,515+4.21
12. MindJolt Games2,327,650+217,035+9.32
13. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones7,712,713+201,499+2.61
14. Island Paradise2,058,836+191,322+9.29
15. Zoo World1,475,773+185,168+12.55
16. FishVille6,889,169+129,694+1.88
17. Mignon & Sexy ?122,229+121,957+99.78
18. PetVille4,172,691+103,520+2.48
19. Country Story1,185,586+99,569+8.40
20. My Town204,169+93,418+45.76

Second place on the list, Facebook for iPhone, appears to be taking up permanent residency, as the device continues to become more common across the United States and other countries. Facebook for BlackBerry is also growing, if not as fast. If the Google Nexus does well, they may soon be joined by Facebook for Android.

Following the games on the list, there’s, a family tree tool that has almost 18 million monthly active users, but not much regular participation. Only six percent use it daily, though that’s better than the three to four percent it had during the holidays.

Likewise, there are How Well Do You Know Me? and Friend Quiz, two applications that have had a fairly steady user base for some time. Both appear to be headed back to the ten percent DAU range, where they were earlier in December, without much growth in overall user numbers.

The only really new non-game app to this week’s list is Mignon & Sexy, a French-language quiz that has been around for several months, but has only gained users in the past couple of days. It looks like a simple friend quiz, but oddly, after letting us know that we’re 77 percent Mignon (cute) the app immediately redirects us to Zoo World, a RockYou! game that came in slightly above it in our list.

Next week there should be more to report, as the holiday trends end and new growers appear on the list.