Philadelphia Newspapers To Sell Android Tablets With Content

The Philadelphia Media Network, which runs the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily, is trying to get ahead of the digital revolution by giving out Android devices with their papers on them to print newspaper subscribers.

The Sacramento Bee has more: “The pilot project slated to be launched in late August will distribute about 2,000 tablets to customers who buy subscriptions to The Philadelphia Inquirer or Philadelphia Daily News, according to Mark Block, spokesman for Philadelphia Media Network. The computers will come with four news apps, including two that offer replicas of the papers’ print editions. Customers will also get an Inquirer app with additional content and an app for, the website shared by both newspapers, Block said.”

According to AdWeek, the idea is to finance this seemingly expensive endeavor with advertising. The idea is to sell consumers ad-supported Android tablets at a discounted rate (not unlike what Amazon is doing with the ad-supported Kindle) that includes access to the paper’s digital editions. This new model will allow the Philadelphia Media Network to earn revenue from ads placed on the tablet’s homescreen.

Via Andrew Phelps.