Peter Rabbit App Launches For iPad, iPhone

Software company Sideways has published a new app version of Beatrix Potter’s classic children’s book Peter Rabbit for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Using Apple’s new Game Center technology, the Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition app lets two people in different locations read the story and interact with it together from remote locations. This is a great way for parents who are away on a business trip to tuck their children in back at home.

Charles Stack, CEO and co-founder of Sideways had this statement: “Nothing can take the place of a parent reading a bedtime story to a child. Now with the Buddy Reading technology, it’s possible for traveling parents to keep that intimate, precious connection to their children at home, no matter the distance.”

Like other kids book apps, the Sideways Peter Rabbit app has a “Read To Me” option, and includes interactive animations, games and sound effects.

The above video demonstrates how the app works. The app is available in the App Store for $1.99.