PETA’s Latest Enemy: Chef Gordon Ramsay


You may have heard that PETA is not a big supporter of SeaWorld.

The water park has been playing defense since the release of the movie Blackfish, a gripping documentary about what it takes for those “entertainers” to show up at one of three locations across this great land of ours. In August, the company finally told investors that all the negative attention had affected business, and last month SeaWorld hired government relations firm Van Scoyoc Associates to help convince the public that it has its aquatic employees’ best interests in mind.

Now, PETA has a new foe who is oddly related to the movie ballyhoo. Step into the fray, foul-mouthed culinary icon Gordon Ramsay!

HK-FOXDo you watch Hell’s Kitchen on FOX? The Nielsen ratings tell us that you probably don’t. That’s okay, but last week’s episode ruffled PETA’s all-natural, farm-raised feathers.

According to The Wrap, “PETA is calling on Gordan Ramsay to cut all ties with SeaWorld following Wednesday night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen, which featured a trip to the embattled theme park for the winning team.” Sure, the trip was fun for the cheftestants and it’s not something they get to do often, but PETA would rather bone up tickets to the local state fair than see a bunch of winning reality show folks go have fun around (exploited) fish.

In a letter addressed to the television chef, PETA’s executive vice president Tracy Reiman cites the documentary Blackfish and asks that his Fox show never partner with SeaWorld ever again.

“The pressure of a commercial kitchen has nothing on the constant stress and deprivation that orcas endure in SeaWorld’s barren concrete tanks,” wrote Reiman.

When guilt doesn’t work (and it usually doesn’t with the beautiful people), try getting personal…

“PETA hasn’t heard back yet from Gordon Ramsay or the Hell’s Kitchen team, but we’re certain that once they realize how SeaWorld’s reputation has tanked…they’ll nix any and all future SeaWorld promotions.

“Ramsay doesn’t tolerate failure in a kitchen, so why would he tolerate it in a business partner?”

How do ya like those apples, Chef? (You know, besides caramelized with a nice Beurre-blanc?) Given Ramsay’s reputation for being a kind and patient man, we’re sure this will end well for everyone involved.