Pet Society – Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

A lot of people are interested in cheats for Pet Society. Sorry to say though, that there are no true cheats for Playfish’s Pet Society. Nope, there is no “god mode,” no infinite happiness, no unlimited coins, and no key press combinations of any sort during the start screen. However, that’s not to say there aren’t any tricks you could learn.

In a game like Pet Society, being able to cheat would virtually destroy the entire point of the game, and if you’re intending to cheat, be aware that Playfish is taking measures against it. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for ways to better your avatar from more experienced players in a more “legal” fashion.

A common question people have is how do I earn a lot of money? Somehow, there are players that have multiple rooms, the most expensive items, and still have plenty to spare. So how do the rich do it?

Yes, you can clean and play with your pet, and you can run your daily races and try to win, but this is a social game, and what better way to earn money in a social game than… well, be social. The number one way to earn some extra cash in Pet Society (aside from flat out buying it) is to have friends (lots, and lots, and lots of friends). Most of the rich veteran players have over 100 different friends in their society, and this equates to lots of time spent grooming, feeding, and bathing those pets for money.

Too mundane you say? Well, another option is to earn those “Paw Points” and level up to unlock those new features and items. If you’ve heeded the above advice and have a number of friends, pick one that you know you can trust and send them the most expensive item you have as a gift. Sending gifts earns you a hefty portion of Paw Points, and once they receive it, have them send it right back (next, rinse and repeat). Now you both earn a little something and don’t loose anything.

However, if you do intend to utilize this particular method, you should be aware that like any other game, Pet Society is not free of bugs. There have been user reports of occasionally losing items via this method so proceed at your own risk. With that said, there have also been reports of this method accidentally duplicating sent gifts. Sometimes you’ll get lucky, sometimes not.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as this game goes. With a constantly growing and active community, there are always more tricks to learn, and forums to join. If you want to learn more, or just meet some new players, definitely check out Pet Society Chatter. It’s a great source of tips, strategies, contests, and an overall friendly and active community.