How To Add More Personality To Your Tweets

How To Add More Personality To Your Tweets

As much as Twitter is a fantastic place to learn and share information, one of the most exciting things about it is how it lends itself to networking.

New relationships, genuine leads and engaged customers can all blossom from consistent Twitter use. But in order to really shine, you’ve got to be you on Twitter – you have to interject your own personality into your tweets.

Say it with pictures

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, think about how much more of your personality you can get across in a tweeted photo than 140 characters.

Tweeting a photo of yourself or your daily routine will show your followers a bit of a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your life. They’ll feel more connected to you, and will be more likely to engage in conversation if they feel they know you. And if you’re tweeting on behalf of a brand, this will go a long way in humanizing your Twitter account.

Of course, tweeting photos of your lunch every day will probably turn off your followers. You need to strike a balance with photos, and only share when it makes sense.

Say their name

Sometimes connecting on a deeper level with someone is as easy as saying their name. When you tweet to someone, don’t shy away from calling your followers by their first name.

Saying “Thank you, Andrew,” is much more personal than just “Thank you.” The added touch shows that you actually took the time to get to know their name (which you can usually find, if not as part of their username, than as their full name in their Twitter bio) and you care enough to use it.

This little touch says a lot about who you are, and has the added bonus of connecting you more to your audience.

Say it in your voice

Whether you’re using Twitter on behalf of a brand or as an individual, your Twitter account should have a voice. This is the language you choose that adds character to your tweets, and (hopefully) gives your audience a good idea of who you are.

Since Twitter-based communication lacks things like body language and facial expressions, your personality has to emerge through your voice. Tweet as if you were speaking directly to your audience, rather than typing to them.

Branded accounts face the challenge of incorporating a voice into promotional tweets and other marketing material shared on Twitter – but just because it’s a challenge doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursuing! A brand that tweets in a consistent voice will resonate with their followers in a big way.

Be yourself

Last but not least, be yourself on Twitter. Whether you’re tweeting on behalf of a brand or as you, you have a personality that should shine through.

If there’s a trend going around that simply doesn’t suit your tastes, then don’t tweet about it. Likewise, if you’re a huge fan of cats and crazy dances, then by all means share away!

Don’t fall into the habit of being robotic on Twitter, thinking that you have to retweet without commenting, share mundane updates and otherwise melt into the background. Your personality is part of the reason people are following you in the first place, so let it shine!

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