Perfection Is Imperfection

We realize this is our second shopping tip of the day, which is weird for us, as we generally rate shopping second in absolute vileness only to spending more than an hour in the company of architects, but we’ve had our eye on this store for a while and only just discovered it’s spankin’ hot website. Being newly internets-literate, we are compelled to remind you all about Andrianna Shamaris, a hot chick with a hot store. That’s a lot of hot for what could just be furniture, but you’ll get it once you see it. Shamaris goes to Indonesia, communes with nature, and comes back with trees she’s turned into tables, or resin-cast bamboo trays, or fabric that she makes into her Good in Bed clothing line. (Yes, we see the trend today. Must be the weather.) 121 Greene Street in New York or 3835 Cross Creek Road #9 in Malibu.