Peppercom Launches Mobile Agency

Peppercom has launched a mobile agency, PepperMobi, that will provide services to the mobile industry as well as companies looking for mobile comms services.

PepperMobi is based in San Francisco and London, led overseas by Jacki Vause, MD of the mobile agency and Peppercom Europe.

While mobile is still a burgeoning area for the PR industry, it’s one that Steve Cody, managing partner and co-founder of Peppercom, believes is bound to grow quickly.

“It’s the tip of the iceberg right now,” Cody said, referring to what we’re seeing in mobile at the moment. “It’s almost intuitive in terms of the trends and what we’re seeing people doing.”

He predicted that mobile will grow to be a significant part of the firm’s business.

Right now, Cody said mobile is between 10 and 15 percent of Peppercom’s business, but he could see that growing to 25 percent in a year. “It may go a lot higher than that,” he said.

PepperMobi clients include Upstream Systems, a mobile marketing company, and Mazuma Mobile, a mobile phone recycling company in the UK.