Who Will Win The People’s Choice Award For Best Viral Video?

Forget the Streamy Awards, viral videos are going mainstream! The People’s Choice Awards has announced that they will be honoring viral videos with a new award this year. So who will win the People’s Choice Award for ‘Favorite Viral Video’?

The ‘Favorite Viral Video’ award at the upcoming People’s Choice Awards show is exciting not only because it’s taking viral videos into the mainstream, showing how big web video has become, but also because it’s the first time a non-celebrity will receive a PCA. How cool is that?

Five lucky YouTubers are up for the ‘Favorite Viral Video’ award. We’ve reached out to the People’s Choice Awards to find out how these five nominees were selected and will keep you posted when we find out more. In the meantime, check them all out below and let us know which one you think deserves to win. You can place your vote on the People’s Choice Awards website.

Do you think these 5 videos are the most worthy nominees, or would you nominate a different video for ‘Favorite Viral Video’ of 2010? I’m pretty sure the Double Rainbow guy has this one in the bag, but who knows. Maybe it will be Greyson Chance taking hom the trophy, or one of the other nominees. What do you think?

Update: I reached out to the People’s Choice Awards to find out how they selected the five nominees for best viral video. I found out that the People’s Choice Awards worked together with sponsor Wheat Thins to choose the five nominees based upon YouTube popularity as well as creative reasoning in order to ensure a diverse video mix.

Giant Double Rainbow

Greyson Chance “Paparazzi”

Madison Sq. Park Proposal

“Single Ladies” Devastation

Tarp Surfing