People Are the Next TV

I recently posted that social networks are the next television. Given that MySpace just inked another television programming deal, it would suggest that my inklings were correct. Last night I was thinking about it and the reality is that content comes from community. While you can generate content on less active sites, the majority of content comes from highly active sites. When you have more people participating, content production grows exponentially.

As new technologies have enabled us to connect to others more easily, networking has become increasingly popular. Prior to the net, it was phenomenal when you found people that successfully connected to create works of art. Now that connecting is easier, I would suggest that more art and more unique content is being produced. The traditional model of content distribution has been destroyed and a new form has been reinstated.

Jesse Thomas wrote in a recent article (which has yet to be published on this site due to editing constraints), “More people are watching content alone than ever before. We need to find ways to connect those lone viewers to connect with community in ways that fully utilize the potential of social media.” He continues,

Imagine you sit down on a Thursday night with your family and you turn on the “comedy” channel on your media unit (formerly known as tv), you then are able to choose from a selection of comedians. The comedian is standing there waiting for you to choose him to perform for your family.

The concept makes sense. Ultimately there will become so many channels of media and so many mediums for that media that ultimately media will become increasingly commoditized. The true stars become people like Gary Vaynerchuk who has a passion for what he does and has an all-star personality. These people may not take up hours of our time on a daily basis (as they did when we sat in front of the television for hours on end).

We will leverage folksonomies instead of traditional channels such as CNN, NBC and ABC. Want to go turn on the Finance channel? It will be a series of videos tagged by people as finance filtered by popularity and date. The best part is there is no limit to the channels. This is the power of the people and in turn the people ultimately become the next television. The people become the masters of distribution.

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