Pellicano’s fishmonger: No hit on me

We’re endlessly entertained by the nimrods involved in the Anthony J. Pellicano wiretapping mess. For one thing, the chutzpah of William S. Pitman, attorney to convicted thug Alexander Proctor simply overwhelms.

Per a piece by the LA TimesChuck Philips and Kim Christensen today,

“It is federal prosecutors – not Pellicano – who have put Proctor’s life in jeopardy, his lawyer says: ‘When prisoners see a media report about the government suddenly moving a fellow inmate, they automatically assume he is an informant,’ said attorney William S. Pitman. ‘But Alex is the most resolute nonsnitch I’ve ever met. It’s a matter of pride with him. Snitching is against his code of ethics.'”

Proctor, you’ll recall, was supposedly hired by disgraced PI to the stars Anthony Pellicano for placing a dead fish with a rose in its mouth and a sign that said “Stop” on the windshield on the car of Times reporter Anita Busch.

He’s also the guy who has a 30 year rap sheet that includes burglary, robbery, counterfeiting, drug trafficking for the Hungarian mafia. But snitching would be against his “code of ethics”?

Rich, this.