Pellicano body count mounts: Kerkorian’s attorney indicted

Wow. The Pellicano mess, heretofore a snore, is finally starting to get interesting. terry.jpeg.jpg

Reuters is reporting that< former MGM owner Kirk Kerkorian‘s attorney has been indicted.

Terry Christensen, a longtime attorney for Kerkorian and name partner in a firm that has represented entertainers such as
Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Sean Connery and Kim Basinger, was charged with conspiracy and wiretapping in a superseding indictment that also levels two more counts against Pellicano.”


Apparently, the new indictment accuses Christensen of paying Pellicano at least $100,000 to wiretap Kerkorian’s ex-wife, Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, and her lawyers during fiercely contested child-support litigation against MGM’s former owner. The indictment does not, however, accuse Kerkorian of any wrongdoing.


It’s ON, baby!