PCMag: 20 Top Picks from BlackBerry App World

PCMag.com’s Jamie Lendino took a look at the new BlackBerry app store (BlackBerry App World) and made his…
20 Top Picks from BlackBerry App World
I found it interesting how similar this list is to what someone might choose for an iPhone app list: AOL IM Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, Bloomberg, Pandora, Shazam, and Google Maps. A lot of the other apps fill much needed/wanted functions like a Twitter client, GPS information, and games. And, speaking of games, Jamie lists a game that I wish were available for the iPhone (I’m not a BlackBerry user) – Civilization IV: War of Two Cities. He points out that this is not the same game as the classic Sid Meier one that I wasted productively spent considering the historical ramifications of global strategy. However, he seems to have liked it enough to include it in his picks.