PC Mag EIC: ‘Hudson News Better Get Ready — Their Stores Are Going to Be Cut in Half’

Photos by: Jesse Wright
From left: FastCompany.com senior editor and panel moderator Lynne D. Johnson; editors-in-chief Mimi Valdes Ryan (Latina) and Lance Ulanoff (PCMag), NYMag.com general manager Michael Silberman, Sports Illustrated and SI.com managing editor Paul Fichtenbaum, and editors-in-chief Jay Woodruff (Maxim.com), and Marvin Scott Jarrett (Nylon)

There was a massive fly in the room at last night’s mediabistro.com’s “Magazines of the Future” panel, spurring Maxim.com editor-in-chief Jay Woodruff to liken it to “an eagle.” But, the pesky critter wasn’t the only thing that had Woodruff and the rest of the editor-heavy panel shifting in their seats. The topic of the night — the increasingly blurry line between print and digital media — stirred impassioned discussion, both onstage and among the sold-out crowd of nearly 200 at Manhattan’s Tribeca Cinemas Gallery.

PCMag editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff with Thrillist.com director of communications Flavie Bagnol

“You can’t be complacent any more in this industry. You’ve got to be on guard,” PCMag EIC Lance Ulanoff told FishbowlNY at the reception following the panel and Q&A. Indeed, scaring the crap out of any Hudson News enthusiasts in the audience, Ulanoff predicted that print media is going to see “a lot of compression” in the near future, and emphasized that editors had better be well-versed in digital formats and blogging.

How’d the audience like them apples? We’ll be posting We’ve got video of their immediate reactions. More mag-to-digital forecasting after the jump…

Other panelists advanced a more optimistic outlook. Nylon EIC Marvin Scott Jarrett believes there remain untapped ways to reconcile print and digital formats, saying, “I still see a version of a magazine that people can download.” Sports Illustrated‘s Paul Fichtenbaum reassured the audience that “nothing’s going to go away — it’s going to be spread around.”

FastCompany.com senior editor and panel moderator Lynne D. Johnson (left) with Adrienne Lavallee

The majority of editors who agreed that print wouldn’t go away soon kept the mood light. Latina editor-in-chief Mimi Valdés Ryan and moderator Lynne D. Johnson, senior editor at FastCompany.com, chatted backstage about New York Fashion Week, and the post-panel reception was similarly laid-back. The main takeaway from the night, though, was that the magazine industry shouldn’t get too comfortable. As Woodruff asserted, “You never stop redesigning your Web site.” En garde!

Adam Auriemma