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Hearst Interactive Media’s Mike Dunn on How Journalists Can Capitalize on Semantic Web Technology

At’s upcoming Semantic Web Summit, experts will explain the ways in which this technology can improve the accessibility and usefulness of information available on the Web. For journalists who […]

Expert System CEO Brooke Aker: Semantic Web Will Make Social Media 'Stickier'

How might semantic Web technology change social media? Writer Katie Bunker asked Brooke Aker, chief executive officer of Expert System, a leading semantic technology firm, and speaker at’s upcoming […]

Razorfish’s Rachel Lovinger on Using Semantic Web to Boost Brand ‘Findability’

For public relations and marketing professionals, semantic Web technology opens new doors for getting your message out there, and to the right people. Writer Katie Bunker asked Rachel Lovinger, content […]

Streamlining Job Searches Using Semantic Web

At’s upcoming Semantic Web Summit, experts will explore the many ways in which this blossoming technology will alter the way we share information and utilize data online. One application […]

Stars Flock to Huffington Post Game Changers Party

Image via HuffPo “Innovators, mavericks, visionaries, and leaders” convened in downtown New York Thursday night as The Huffington Post celebrated its 100 Game Changers of 2010. Neon centerpieces including a […]

Cheezburger Network CEO Ben Huh’s Career Advice for Entrepreneurs

When Cheezburger Network founder and CEO Ben Huh was starting his career, he had one rule: Only take a job if you can work directly with the CEO. In doing […]

Ben Huh: 'Users Have Far More Control Over the Business than What We Were Used To'

As founder and CEO of the Cheezburger Network, Ben Huh knows the value of community. “We exist because our users create our content… They’re involved in every aspect of our […]

Ben Huh on Growing the Cheezburger Network: 'We're Looking for that Nugget of Passion'

Making a business out of memes like silly cat captions and unfortunately juxtaposed images is nothing to LOL about. It takes a sharp sense of what will work with the […]'s John Carney Fêtes NetNet Site Launch celebrated the launch of NetNet , the site’s latest vertical promising the “low-down and the high-jinx of Wall Street” and helmed by senior editor John Carney, on Wednesday night […]

Mashable’s Care Bear Stare | Punish This Guy | Only The Twinfluential Die Young

• Mashable: Editor Adam Ostrow confesses his love for Care Bears. • Groupon: As AdWeek‘s digital editor points out, Groupon has “one sweet unsubscribe page.” • University: Who needs […]