PayPerPost Comes to Facebook

The highly controversial PayPerPost has just launched a Facebook application. As of now the application is only used to help generate referral fees by posting PayPerPost on your Facebook profile. It will be interesting to see if PayPerPost decides to add new features that allow Facebook users to post advertisements on their Facebook profile. It would be interesting to see if users could get paid to display ads on their profile. Payment would be based on the number of friends you have. Additionally, for a specified amount they can share an ad which ends up on their friends’ news feeds. While these features may not be immediately implemented, I could definitely see someone creating an application resembling my description. Given that there are already 2 application advertising platforms that have been created (first one and second one) I wouldn’t be surprised to see a profile advertising platform launched within weeks. If you are a PayPerPost advertiser or blogger then go grab the PayPerPost application.