PayPal Is No Longer Utilizing the Bill Me Later Brand Online

It's the end of an era

Many people, no doubt, have fond memories of suddenly discovering a new credit option called Bill Me Later at the end of booking a plane ticket to Paris or Pittsburgh back in the early 2000s. I don't have to pay for this now? Awesome!

It was a smart service to launch in those early ecommerce days, and it eventually attracted PayPal to acquire it in 2008. Today, PayPal announced via email to Bill Me Later users that it was folding the brand for good, closing two years after rebranding it to PayPal Credit.

A PayPal spokesperson wrote via email that the company has been "gradually moving servicing to the PayPal Wallet instead of a standalone website to provide more robust capabilities and a more consistent experience to all customers. As of January 10, the legacy Bill Me Later servicing site will be closed and all customers will be able to access and make payments to their accounts using Other ways to make a payment, such as by regular mail or through customer service, still remain available."

Launched in 2000, Bill Me Later was not a credit card, per se, but a revolving line of credit from Comenity Capital Bank.

It is now a relic of the internet past. Au revoir, Bill Me Later.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story suggested that the rebrand was more recent.


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