PayPal Launches Redesigned App on iOS, Android

The PayPal app has been updated with the goal of making it easier for users to move and manage their money from their mobile device.

PayPal is close to naming a new AOR.
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PayPal has redesigned its app on iOS and Android, with the goal of making it easier for users to move and manage their money on their mobile device.

The app features a new home screen, which includes a user’s account balance, access to their transaction details, buttons for sending and requesting money and buttons for ordering ahead, making in-store payments or accessing store loyalty cards when using the app to make purchases.

In addition, users can now send money to their contacts from a personalized page which lets them add a user’s information directly from their contact book.

PayPal Screenshots

Elsewhere, when viewing a single transaction, the app may offer shortcut links for tasks the user may wish to complete next. For instance, after receiving money from a contact, users can tap a button to quickly transfer the funds to their bank account.

The app also offers more overall account information, including three years of history for transactions.

In a blog post, Joanna Lambert, vice president of global consumer product and engineering at PayPal, said some of the app’s features were inspired by requests from users, including the separation of pending and completed transactions on the account activity page.

Lambert said:

Just a few weeks after the launch of our ‘New Money’ global marketing campaign, the redesigned PayPal app embodies our vision for the future of money. We redesigned the app to make it simpler and more personal for you to move and manage your money no matter where you are. It puts the things you want to do most with the app at the forefront and gets rid of the clutter.

The updated PayPal app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.