Paying Tribute To Peter and Other Items

Of course the big news for tonight is ABC’s special two-hour tribute to Peter Jennings (8 p.m. ET). Cousin TVNewser has been continuing to gather tributes and he also has information on what the network and Jennings’ family asks in lieu of flowers.

A side note to all of this is how there’s a lot of anger within the organization about smoking, and it appears that ABC is almost prepared to launch a crusade–feeling that they’ve been robbed of their leader and heart by cigarettes. “Peter Jennings’ friends and colleagues hope the anchor’s death will raise awareness of the dangers of smoking,” the ABC site reads.

A round-up of other notes for this afternoon:

  • Just for the record, Wolf Blitzer‘s “The Situation Room” did a little better on its second day. No, we’re not talking about ratings. As opposed to the first day, where he mentioned the name of show 58 times, he only said it 53 times the second day.

  • And, fine, we appear to have missed last month’s Ad Age article explaining that Jason Binn would launch an Atlantic City magazine. On the other hand, Karen Feld is reporting “gossip” that’s a month old. Even by the Examiner’s standards, that’s not so good.

  • Cousin FishbowlNY reports on Maureen Dowd‘s return-from-book-leave column.

  • The Hill’s Al Eisele pens a response to Matt Drudge and the latter’s posting of the former’s Helen Thomas story.

  • Wonkgirl muses over what the NYT would get out of hiring Matt Cooper, other than the world’s nicest guy and a funny comic.

  • And, lastly, the Washington Post Company’s stock bounced back a little bit today after being battered over disappointing earnings and sinking circulation earlier this week.