Paula Deen Posts Picture Of Herself As Lucy and Her Son As Desi (In BrownFace)

Because some people never learn.

Paula Deen clearly learned nothing from the firestorm of controversy and millions of dollars she lost a couple of years ago when she admitted to using the “N” word (among other things) because this morning she posted and then deleted the tweet above. In case you’re lost, it’s Deen in a red wig as Lucille Ball and her son in brownface as Desi. Originally, the caption was, “Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do! #TransformationTuesday @BobbyDeen” We’re going to guess that @BobbyDeen was not thrilled when he saw this pop up in his mentions.

In the wise words of Gwyneth Paltrow:

No but seriously. Not only has Deen herself been embroiled in a racial situation that very nearly ended her career, but we’re still seeing the backlash against Donald Trump, whose gross comments about Latinos continues to wreak havoc on his business. So even if you didn’t know that this is offensive (sigh), a publicist or a person with common sense would know that now’s not the time to try to make a joke about a Latino by posting a pic with make up on someone’s face to mimic brown skin.

Yahoo’s entertainment editor Robert Kessler got the comment above from Deen’s people, which, of course is wildly inadequate. It wasn’t cool in 2011, it’s not cool now, and why would she repost this?

The Hollywood Reporter has a nice round up of other reactions, which are more articulate versions of our GIFs.

h/t Jezebel

Update: Here’s a statement from @BuzzfeedNews with further explanation. Are you buying it?

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