Paul Wharton Productions: ‘Casting Fresh & Fabulous Faces’

PaulWhartonAboutHeadshotDo you have nothing else in the world you can possibly do with your time? If so, we have a way you can fill it!

Paul Wharton Productions is building a promotional team and looking for interns and professionals with “strong people skills, interested in a fun and team-oriented working environment, and willing to volunteer at events or on production set.”

Now this gig isn’t just for anyone. The LLC is looking for reliable individuals with social media skills and some college experience. Those without “fresh and fabulous faces” need not apply. The email leads with these necessary qualities.

In 2003, Wharton rose to international internal fame when he was tapped as the model coach for the MTV series “Made.” IMDb recalls the series in which, “Teens with dreams that they can’t possibly reach under normal circumstances, are given a little help from MTV & their MADE coach to reach their goals.”

Since then, Wharton has appeared on the first and only season of the “Real Housewives of DC” and “Paul Wharton Style.” Recently renewed, the second season of Wharton’s namesake show is set to debut on DC 50 Sunday, July 13th at noon, one of the week’s most coveted time slots for a show of its kind. You may recall, in the first season of “Paul Wharton Style” that aired in 2012, Paul sat down on camera with the Omaraso.

Interested in this rewarding opportunity? We are too! Send a cover letter and experience to

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