Parqt on iOS, Android tracks empty parking spaces so you don’t have to

Image via Parqt

Hunting for a parking space in a crowded city can be a pain, but new app developer Parqt looks to change that by taking advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity available in many modern vehicles. With its Parqt app on iOS and Android, users can track empty parking spaces, and even earn points and eventually rewards in the process.

[contextly_sidebar id=”c7deec3694104acd72bbe0b1047c593f”]“We came up with the idea in June of 2012 while circling around Boston for an empty parking spot for almost half an hour – this, plus the curiosity to guess the person who is walking back to their car to find a spot, inspired us to create Parqt,” said Onur Erikoglu, Co-Founder of Parqt, in a company release.

The Parqt app works automatically, updating and sharing a user’s parking information whenever the mobile device’s Bluetooth connects to the car’s Bluetooth. Every time a user turns their engine off or on, they’ll earn points which can be used as donations to charity or to purchase gift cards.

As more individual users download and use Parqt when parking, the network will be able to update in real time when a parking space has just opened up in a crowded area. What’s more, the app also allows parkers to tell the app how long they’re going to be in that same parking spot, so other users know when a space is going to empty, long before it actually does.

The app also serves as a tracker for cars in crowded parking lots, so users won’t forget where they parked, and offers notifications before parking meters are about to expire.

“Parqt could have a great potential to allow users to make an environmental impact with a single touch.  With the joint effort of its users we believe Parqt can really help reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing the time people spend circling the block for parking spots,” added Caglar Erikoglu, Co-Founder of Parqt.

The Parqt app is now available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. Check back soon to track the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.