Paris Hilton Gets Low Scores for Trust, Aspiration, but Appeal Rating Climbing


Paris Hilton turns out to be more appealing than we thought. According to Davie Brown Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based marketing agency, her recent sentence hasn’t hurt her too much:

Since last February, her appeal, influence, notice, and position as a trendsetter and endorser actually improved, albeit only slightly, among consumers

Head of DBI Talent, Jeff Chown, (and yes, that’s the correct spelling), said, in an understatement, that her aspiration level dipped after the whole jail thing:

People don’t typically aspire to go to jail

So oft thought, ne’er so well expressed. But then, Chown doesn’t live in our neighborhood.

Her DBI* scores for “appeal” and “trust” hover in the 40s. We’re guessing Paris has been scoring low her entire life.

(*Davie Brown Index)