Paper Camera Turns Pictures Into Drawings

Few smartphones have a camera that is as good as a standard digital camera, but they are good enough for snapshots when you are out with friends. One area in which smartphone cameras excel is in effects, which compensates for low resolution by turning pictures into works of art. Paper Camera turns pictures that you take with an Android or iOS phone into drawings.

Paper Camera, previously only available for the iPhone, is now available for Android phones. It stands out from other camera apps by showing the effects in real time so that you can see the effect before you take the picture, with other apps like picplz you select and apply effect after taking a picture.

As you can see in the screenshot, Paper Camera’s user interface has the same drawing effect as the pictures it takes. Tap the arrows at the top right of the screen to move through the different effects, which you see applied in the view finder in the middle of the screen. You can adjust the contrast, brightness, and lines before taking the picture, which you do by tapping the camera button.

After you take a picture, it displays in the view finder for a few seconds, and you can tap the sharing button that appears on the top right of the picture. Paper Camera  uses the default Android sharing options. Below is a picture that I took with Paper Camera.

The Android version of Paper Camera, which is sold out of the U.K., is available in the Android Market for about $2.46, and that is a little more expensive than the iPhone version that can be bought for $.99.