Palm Pre Users Say That Just Having a Physical Keyboard is Not Enough

I had to chuckle when I read this…

Pre owners complain of lack of onscreen keys

I’ve frequently commented here that I wish my iPhone had a physical keyboard (or even a Bluetooth connected optional separate keyboard). But, some Pre owners find that pulling out the device’s keyboard out is too inconvenient and want an on-screen virtual keyboard like the iPhone.

I have to admit that I understand their issue. I have several Windows Mobile smartphones with pull-out keyboards. And, yet, I am often relunctant to pull it out (which often requires rotating the phone for the models I have) to do something simple like entering a username and password.

That’s one of the reasons I liked the T-Mobile Dash with its always visible and available QWERTY physical keyboard. I’m sure that BlackBerry and Palm Treo users share a similar opinion.

Hmm. Perhaps I should rethink my current plan to wait to buy an HTC Touch Pro2 with a pull-out keyboard and give the new T-Mobile Dash 3G serious consideration.