Palm Pre Users Can Rejoice After 1.4.5 Upgrade. Now You Can Play Angry Birds :-)

Fellow blogger Frank McPherson, like me, is not a heavy duty game player. But, he gave mobile game phenomenon Angry Bird a try on his iPad and his Android-based Nexus One (beta release on that platform).

Slinging Angry Birds

How much of a phenomenon is this addictive puzzle game? Check out this item I wrote earlier this month.

Wow! The $6+ Million Dollar Bird: Angry Bird for iPhone/iPad’s Amazing Sales

Those of you with some model of Palm Pre can now join the rest of us (yes, I plunked down 99 cents for Angry Birds on my iPhone 4). Palm announced that Angry Birds can be found in their App Catalog after you update webOS to 1.4.5.

1.4.5 x 2 = another flock of Angry Birds