Viral Radar: Pale Kid Raps Faster Than George Watsky

Last Wednesday we posted about uber-fast pale rapper George Watsky. Now George has got over 3.6million and it looks like he's making another pale rapper a little jealous.

Last Wednesday we posted about George Watsky, the pale kid that can rap uber-fast. When our post went up Watsky’s video had about 443,000 views. Now he’s got over 4 million and it looks like he’s making another pale rapper a little jealous.

After seeing Watsky, rapper Mac Lethal decided that he was going to “spit some paler and faster f**kin’ lyrics.” Mac Lethal wrote, “I saw the video of that Watsky kid and decided to spit as fast and then faster than him. Don’t get me wrong, this took me about 94 tries.”

As soon as this video went up last Friday a host of commenters starting writing that they thought the video was fake and that Mac sped it up in post in order to make it look like he was rapping faster than he actually was. The next day, Mac retorted with a new video in which he raps while holding up an iPhone timer in order to prove that he didn’t use any special effects to speed up his rapping. This pale kid really can rap faster than George Watsky.

So far Mac Lethal’s only got about 307,000 views on his first video response to Watsky and only about 379,000 on his iPhone-timed video. However, both clips are on the steadily raking in the views. Personally, I liked George Watsky’s video because his lyrics are funny and don’t diss anyone. Mac Lethal’s clearly dissin’ Watsky in his first video and then dissin’ the haters who say he’s a faker in his second video and his lyrics could be construed as offensive by some. Watsky’s the kind of guy who would pet a cute cat while rapping, while Mac Lethal’s the kind of guy who would shove an iPhone in your face to prove his point.

All that said, I think it’s cool that Mac Lethal is trying to start a rap battle with George Watsky on YouTube, even if his reason for doing so may just be plain jealousy at the fact that Watsky’s got over 4 million views. I’ll be looking forward to seeing if Watsky will respond to Mac Lethal’s challenge with a faster rap of his own. Who do you think would hold his own in a YouTube rap battle? George Watsky or Mac Lethal?