Overheard: Drinks Are On the House, Food Is Not

(photo via The Guardian’s “Health and safety ‘ruins’ holiday staff parties”)

We received a tip about a holiday party at one of the big agencies today:

“Drinks will be flowing, but food will not. You may want to eat beforehand…Please accept this invite if you really plan on attending as we will be using this for our final headcount!”

This is a bad pennywise strategy, and not one you want to put in writing if you’re planning your company’s party. Someone is bound to show up on an empty stomach and get persnickety hammered soused. Or it may be management’s Darwinian method of choosing who gets cut in the next round of layoffs. Either way, go easy on the booze at the holiday party.

If you don’t believe us, click through to About.com’s About.com’s 8 8 Excesses to Avoid, or take the advice of John Bliss, founder of Bliss, Gouvereneur and eat some pizza before arriving.