Over 100 Local Newspapers and TV Stations Get Mobile Sites

The Virginia-based media outlet Gannett Co. has developed mobile news sites that correspond to some 84 daily newspapers and 19 broadcast station Web sites, as well as one for its national paper USA Today, according to Online Media Daily.

The local sites will all link to national coverage available from USA Today in addition to featuring local news. Meanwhile, all content will be supported by local, regional, and national ads, according to the report.

The quick way to see if your favorite newspaper is included is to key in the URL with an “m.” in front of it, or by texting a daily short code to 59523. For example, m.usatoday.com brings up the mobile site for that paper (this one already existed before). The papers and television stations will advertise the appropriate short codes and mobile sites.

Gannett Rolls Out Local Mobile [Online Media Daily]