OutSpark Building MMO Service Platform

Since its inception back in 2008, OutSpark has been focusing on porting Asian multiplayer games to English, more recently working on a few original titles as well. The MMO portal has played host to a number of popular games such as Fiesta, Secret of the Solstice, and Bread ‘n Butter. However, despite the success of these games, CEO Susan Choe says that the San Fransisco and Seoul (South Korea) based company’s real strength will lie within its open APIs that allow game developers and gamers to create and publish their own games through OutSpark.

In fact, Outspark recently announced the creation of its own comprehensive MMO platform. In short, this tool will allow users a means to both build and distribute MMO titles through OutSpark’s game portal. This means that connected games will be integrated into the company’s virtual currency system (SparkCash), be able to sell virtual goods, track financial performance, view game stats, and, most importantly, gain cross-marketing opportunities through other OutSpark powered games. Platform powered games will support all payment methods that OutSpark supports including the Ultimate Game Card and anything through recent partner Offerpal.

In an article from Virtual Goods News, Choe and company state that the platform is not intended for any specific size of game. There are 4 million registered OutSpark users and the potential viral distribution could be significant. According to Choe, the company had spoken with three major publishers regarding possible partnerships well before the development of this MMO platform due to their existing userbase.

If the reported ARPPU of $50 last month at SXSW are any indication, the company feels like a prime opportunity for any MMO developer (large or small). However, few other details are concrete at this point, so we’ll let you know as more information becomes available.