OttoCat iOS App Discovery Tool Creates Subcategories For App Store

With more than 775,000 in Apple’s App Store, it can be difficult to find good apps. There are plenty of good apps that don’t make Apple’s bestseller lists or new and noteworthy lists.

To  help users discover new apps, tech start-up OttoCat has created the OttoCat Taxonomy Browsing Platform, a new app discovery platform. The tool lets consumers shop multiple layers of the App Store.  On its own, the App Store features 23 categories to shop from. OttoCat extends this and creates new subcategories based on a user’s search, so that shoppers can go much deeper. For example, you can start with the Entertainment category, click to “Comics,” then drill down to “Manga,” “Graphic Novels,” “Super Hero,” “Comic Con,” and “Humor,” among about 20 other subcategories.

“The Apple App Store, with a mere twenty-three categories, is nearly impossible to navigate,” explained OttoCat CEO Edwin Cooper, in a statement. “The most visible apps are the most popular apps, and so they stay most popular. Users have no means of seeing past a few top apps into the main area of the store, where most of the merchandise is.”