Other Brands Are Bullying Apple Now. Should They Respond?

Apple has been the coolest kid on the block for so long that it’s a little weird to see competitors ganging up on the king of Silicon Hill—but bully they will.

Back in August, Microsoft pretty much based its entire Surface promo campaign on making fun of Apple. Here’s an ad telling Siri to talk to the hand:

And we remember Motorola‘s viral “Lazy phone” series bragging about how the new Moto X allows you to “[free] up your hands for more important things” like, say, driving your car or making your bed or cracking a beer. That one came complete with the tagline “ah, so that’s the way a phone should work.”


The most interesting part of this trend, as Variety‘s Brian Sternberg notes, is that Apple hasn’t responded: no more “mac or PC” ads and no more “we don’t even need to make a statement” statements from Steve Jobs (RIP).

Earlier this year, we noted that Apple issued its first honest-to-God press release in almost three years to announce its new operating system and wondered whether the brand had lost its edge (we thought so). Given that the response to the latest iPad update was kind of “meh”, we have to ask: is it time for Apple to go aggressive again?

What do we think?

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