Oscars aren’t just black tie; they’re Blak tongue

Variety‘s resident advertising expert Jon Bing today points out something we’re surprised we’d not yet heard of. Not because we’re particularly plugged into TV advertising, but rather, because we spend most of the day hooked up to a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf I.V. drip. chris_rock_oscar1.jpg051209_blak_vsm.vsmall.jpg

Yes, Coca-Cola is introducing a new drink on the Oscarcast this year. It’s called Blak, and its a mix of Coke and (no, really, we’re not making this up) coffee.

Two things strike us:

One, if you think Gov. Schwarzenegger was against sugary sodas before the Oscars, just wait until your sixth grader starts vibrating like a Chihuahua instead of simply pitching forward into a diabetic coma after math class.

Two, the time to introduce this coffee-n-java heart palpitator wasn’t at this Oscars; it was at last year’s. Can you imagine the field day Chris Rock would’ve had with a product called Blak?

(Feel free to insert your own Richard Pryor freebasing joke here.)