Origami Beagles Conquer London in #ReleaseThePounds Stunt

Work by UK agency The Academy.

People think life insurance is boring because it is, but UK firm The Academy helped client Beagle Street counter that perception this week with…free money!

There’s a catch, of course: that money was a series of hundreds of ten-pound notes disguised as origami beagles and placed strategically in locations around London. (The point is to remind consumers of the money they could save by switching to Beagle after an internal survey revealed that many Britons both overpay on their insurance and delay buying it due to expense concerns.)

The firm tells us that its team of experts spent “hundreds of hours” folding these monetary footnotes into dogs, and they have the video to prove it:

The release didn’t tell us, exactly, how consumers were able to tie these paper dogs to the insurance company, but several did just that under the so-clever #ReleaseThePounds tag:

Even agency strategists were impressed:

In addition to the social campaign, the stunt earned coverage in The Telegraph and other UK pubs as well. It also allowed for photographers to take great shots like these:

hounds 2

hounds 1

hounds 3

As owners of a beagle mutt, we love it.

No word on whether Montgomery Burns approves… hounds gif