Organize Your Thoughts & Ideas With Thoughtree

Looking for an app to help you organize your ideas and projects? Then you will be happy to hear about Thoughtree, a soon-to-be launched app that aims to be a “personal thought network” by facilitating you to take down your thoughts and organize them into folders.

If you are walking down the street and have a great idea about who you should call for a story you are writing and at the same time you have an idea for a character in a book that you are working on, you can use the app to save both ideas to their own section. Save your million dollar ideas and business plans in additional folders. 

The app lets you create categories and then add thoughts to these categories through a text box. Each category has its own icon, and you can view a stream of all of your ideas in one feed or you can browse by category and follow your train of thought that way. You can share your thoughts via social media and delete them when you are done with them.

The app has yet to launch, but you can check out this link to sign up for updates and watch a video demo.