Oreo ‘Pride’ Cookie Generates About 20K Facebook Comments

Oreo has more than 26 million Facebook fans, some of them new ones, replacing fans who have abandoned the brand because of the status update at left.

According to an Oreo spokesperson, the post is part of a 100th anniversary celebration in which the brand will use their cookies to talk about current events in a “fun” way with daily ads and posts.

“In recognition of Pride Month, Oreo created an ad depicting the Rainbow flag with different colors of Oreo crème,” the statement reads.

Of course, some people had a big problem with the brand supporting Pride Month, commenting that they would no longer buy the cookies. Others were thrilled to see the status update. And some are even asking that the company actually make this cookie. Right now, it’s just a picture for Facebook purposes.

With more openness on the issue and the growing support for gay marriage among companies, politicians, and the general population, we’re going to see more brands acknowledging Pride Month as they would other commemorative months and holidays. Pretty awesome.