O’Reilly Media To Release GIDEON’s Infectious Disease eBook Series

GIDEON Informatics has partnered with O’Reilly Media to distribute a new eBook series on infectious diseases for medical professionals. One series serves as a comprehensive compilation of disease data for every country in the world and another series gives details of the “global status” of each disease.

The country series includes a comprehensive review of the status of every infectious disease from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. And the “global status” series summarizes the clinical features and epidemiology of each individual disease, with an entire book dedicated to each condition from Acanthocephalan worms to Yersiniosis.

The information in the eBooks is based on data from the GIDEON Online database, which includes medical documentation from textbooks, peer-review journals, Health Ministry reports and ProMed. In total, the collections include 95,000 pages of text, 30,000 graphs and 200,000 clickable linked references. The entire series will be updated annually.

The eBooks retail for $49 each.