Orbitz Using Facebook Connect To Help Users Coordinate Group Trips

Orbitz has launched a new Facebook Connect integration to help anyone making travel plans through the site share their flight and hotel details with friends and family on Facebook.

With the new Connect implementation, Facebook friends are able to see users’ complete travel plans in their News Feed when Orbitz users share those details on Facebook. By clicking on the feed story, they’ll be taken to the Orbitz site, where they can book a similar trip.

While there are plenty of other applications for sharing travel stories and information after a trip is over, this marks one of the few that allows users to make plans before hand. Orbitz has made it easier for groups to make plans together, but further integrations by airlines could make the travel booking experience even more truly social.

Nevertheless, it’s another good example of using Facebook Connect to make sharing easy and safe while still promoting a brand and driving customers to a site.

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