Orb TV Brings Hulu Content to TV Sets

Orb rolled out Orb TV, a small, round (three inches in diameter, one-quarter of an inch high) set-top box that uses the home network to bring Internet content from PCs or Macs to television sets, rather than directly accessing the content via broadband networks, which enables Orb TV to provide Hulu content, as well as fare from Netflix, YouTube, and other outlets, Multichannel News reported.

Hulu has prevented other set-top devices and software, such as Google TV and Boxee, from accessing its content, instead attempting to negotiate deals for its Hulu Plus service, which launched Wednesday, according to Multichannel News, but Orb founder and CEO Joe Costello said Orb TV is legit, adding:

As long as you have a legitimate computer, you can receive Hulu. They can’t block us. The beauty of what we’re doing is that we don’t have to have an agreement. We will show all the ads — it’s not a game to pirate (Hulu’s) stuff and take advantage of it. We want them to monetize it.

Costello told Multichannel News Orb is in talks with content providers to secure better integration.