Orange Great Balloon Race Across The Internet Kicks Off Today

Have you seen little Orange balloons floating around some of your favorite sites over the last few days? If so, it’s because they are participating in Orange’s Balloonacy campaign, a balloon race across the internet that kicks off today!

How does Balloonacy work? It’s pretty simple actually. Just choose a balloon (the balloons are shaped like animals including a dolphin, a camel, a cat, a bird and a monkey), and wait for the race to begin. To play, jump from site to site to find balloons that unlock games. Complete each game successfully and you move on to the next participating site. The first racer to make it through all the games, or “to the end of the internet” is the winner. The grand prize is a holiday trip to Kenya, and there are other great prizes as well for runners up.

This isn’t the first internet balloon race. Back in 2008 Orange sponsored a balloon race as well. 40,000 people competed, flying 63 million internet miles (though we aren’t sure how Internet miles are measured that seems like a lot) to win a trip to Ibiza. This year’s race is set to be a whole lot larger. Check out the videos below to learn more about Balloonacy as well as for a sneak peak of what’s in store for this year’s race!

What’s really cool about this campaign is that it is not only great for Orange, but it is also great for the blogs and websites taking part. Bloggers and site owners were invited to participate to be one of the destinations on the racecourse. This means more traffic for those sites, as racers will be flying their balloons through each site on the way to the finish line. This also means publicity for Orange. It really is a Win-Win situation.

According to the Balloonacy website the race is preparing to launch. They say, “We’re just building the course and making sure that everything’s good to go before the race gets underway this afternoon. You’ll be able to register as soon as the game begins, and give yourself a chance of winning that amazing holiday to Kenya, as well as some other seriously good prizes.”

Do you plan to take part in Balloonacy this year? If so, good luck winning that amazing trip to Kenya!