Oracle’s New Video Series Shows Off Its Customer Experience Chops

'CX Factor' include execs from Clorox, Mastercard and Walgreens

The software giant tests business-to-business series focused on brand clients. Oracle
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Can mar tech gain a bigger audience among brand execs? Oracle is testing out that fairly noteworthy concept with a talk show that focuses on brand clients talking about customer experience (CX), a buzz term du jour in the industry.

Called CX Factor, the show will feature 12 episodes that are being slowly rolled out in a soft launch. Oracle has released nine episodes, which have featured interviewees such as Doug Milliken, vp of digital consumer experience at Clorox, Karen Pascoe, svp of user experience design at Mastercard and Deepika Pandey, chief digital marketing officer at Walgreens. CX Factor has, at times, drawn 4,000 to 5,000 viewers thanks partly to video ads on YouTube, Google, Facebook and targeted, business-to-business sites.

“Other promotions include outreach on social media channels, which have a combined 1.5 million reach as well as articles and social media promotions by our digital marketing agency, participating brands and customer experience influencers,” explained Mark Fidelman, CX Factor host and managing director at agency Fanatics Media, which is producing Oracle’s series.

Fidelman said the CX Factor targets C-Suite executives, marketers and customer experience professionals. According to his team, Oracle plans on really pushing the show during September and October after the soft launch ends at the end of this month.

“Most mid-to large-size companies understand what customer experience means and why experiences delivered throughout the customer journey are important to their business relationships,” he said. “Unfortunately, there are not a lot of business models to emulate when improving their own customer experiences. That’s one of the primary reasons we developed CX Factor, was to highlight the customer experience programs that are going well, so that other businesses can better understand how to improve their own.”

Oracle isn’t the first software giant to launch a web series. A year ago, Adobe debuted a similar number of videos to promote the multimedia assets available in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

But customer experience? Whether such wonky, business-to-business topics become typical fodder for video series from large companies like Oracle will definitely be worth watching.

In the meantime, check out the CX Factor episode with Pandey of Walgreens:

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@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.