OpenFaced panel: Opening Up the Social Graph

I’m a little behind in posting videos from the events over the past couple weeks but I will continue to post them even if the timeliness is a little off! The following video was of a panel at the Graphing Social Patterns conference a couple weeks ago. The panel included Tantek Celik (moderator), David Recordon of SixApart, Chamath Palihapitiya of Facebook, Joseph Smarr of Plaxo and Ted Grubb from Satisfaction Unlimited. The panel was a great overview on portable identities among social networks.

This panel provided a great overview. Chamath of Facebook had some memorable quotes including the concept that there is “One social graph” as well as his final statement which was that “we want as much information as humanly possible to flow across the graph and we are going to continue to build whatever it takes to get to that goal.” Not a bad goal for Facebook! If you want to know more about the panel, check out the video below: