Open Source CamStudio Screencast Recorder Working Fine on Netbook Running Windows 7 Release Candidate

One of the big questions most people have when faced with a new version of Microsoft Windows is: Will my favorite software work with it? When Windows Vista emerged, the answer was a big “NO” for two free Open Source apps I had hoped to use with it: Audacity (audio editor) and CamStudio (screencast recorder). Audacity audio recording results in a weird pitch change that I couldn’t correct. And CamStudio simply didn’t run (I tested it on a notebook and desktop).

Fortunately, CamStudio 2.0 seems to run fine under Windows 7 Release Candidate. I tested it on my Asus Eee PC 1000HA netbook and didn’t see any performance issues related to recording video and audio (no drops, etc.).

It’s great to have a free functional screencasting tool to demonstrate Windows 7 activities on a netbook!