Oops! Trade Nations for iPad Needs App Update to Run But Update is Not Available

Like many people, I had managed to avoid Farmville on Facebook but got hooked on We Rule shortly after the iPad was launched in April 2010. I finally broke the We Rule habit in mid-July when I hit level 30 and ngmoco did not have any updates announced.

We Rule: And so it Ends. Level 30. Ruby Citadel. Nothing Left to Do

Quite honestly, I was happy to stop worrying about dead virtual crops because of attending to things in the real world instead of the world of We Rule. This past spring I discovered a game that somewhat resembled We Rule but was not as punishing for living an actual life.

Trade Nations: A Social Game for iOS That Doesn’t Punish You for Having a Real Life

I’ve been happily advancing from level to level for the past month and was stopped dead in the water yesterday by, of all things, an update. Starting Trade Nations displayed a message from Z2Live, the game’s publisher. Game play requires updating the app. There’s just one problem. There is no update available for the app in the iTunes App Store at the time of this writing.

Trade Nations (iTunes App Store)

Although Trade Nations is nowhere near as time consuming as We Rule is, this may be a good time to for me to step away from the game.

UPDATE: The 3.1.1 update for Trade Nations is now available. However, the little break in game play for me was refreshing. I am considering skipping the update and uninstalling the game.