Only Three Editors From The 10 Top Newspapers In The US Are On Twitter

There is a lot of talk about how journalists are embracing Twitter, using it to sniff out new stories, verify facts, find sources, and promote their stories. However, it looks like there is a gap between the on-the-ground journalists and their editor overlords: only three editors of the top 10 newspapers in the United States have Twitter accounts.

In an interview with Poynter‘s Jim Romenesko (@Romenesko) this week, Boston Globe editor Marty Baron explained why he finally set up his Twitter account (@GlobeMartyBaron) last week, after holding out for so long:

“This is the world journalists live in. Like it or not, you can’t ignore it. And if you can’t ignore it, participate fully. Just be careful you don’t tweet something that could cut short your career.”

Out of curiosity, Romenesko took to Twitter to see just how many of Baron’s peers had beat him to the punch. And as it turns out, not many had.

Only three of the editors from the US’s top ten newspapers actually have, and use, a Twitter account.

From Romenesko:

“1. Wall Street Journal, Robert Thomson. He claims to have a “secret” account.
2. USA Today, John Hillkirk. He does not appear to be tweeting.
3. New York Times, Bill Keller. He last tweeted on June 27.
4. Los Angeles Times, Russ Stanton. He does not appear to be on Twitter.
5. San Jose Mercury News, David Butler. He does not appear to be on Twitter.
6. Washington Post, Marcus Brauchli. He does not appear to be tweeting.
7. New York Daily News, Kevin Convey. He tweeted eight hours ago.
8. New York Post, Col Allan. He does not appear to be on Twitter.
9. Chicago Tribune, Gerould Kern. He last tweeted on June 28.”

So, only the New York Times’ Bill Keller (@nytkeller), the New York Daily News’ Kevin Convey (@NYDNKevinConvey) and the Chicago Tribune’s Gerould Kern (@GerryKern) are active on Twitter. The other seven appear not have got the memo they, in all likelihood, sent to their underlings about the rules and regulations of using social media as a journalist.

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