Only Girly-girls Own eReaders

While the headline might seem silly, a recent Neilsen survey shows it’s actually true (to some degree).

Neilsen has just released data from polls it conducted this summer. The results show that a significantly percentage of eReader owners are women. As late as last fall, slightly less than half of eReader owners were women. The most recent survey shows that 61% of tablet owners are women. What’s even more interesting is that tablets didn’t see the same growth; more men still own tablets than women, according to Neilsen.

The data also showed that there are more older eReader and tablet owners than before. Half of all eReader owners are now over the age of 45, and that is up from 40% last fall. Also, all the other age groups shrank, as a percentage of eReader owners. Tablets actually saw a more dramatic increase, with the older age group did shift from 23% to 37% of owners.

Update: Somehow I managed to confuse the word eReader with tablet and consistently misuse them throughout this post. The post has now been corrected. Sorry for the confusion.