OneRiot Expands with Twitter Web Index Search

OneRiot, the company looking to index the web in real time, has added a new Twitter search. At first glance, the new Twitter search on OneRiot doesn’t really look a whole lot different from Twitter’s own search. Type in a keyword and you’ll see all the related tweets and associated twitterers. Along the right-hand side of the page you’ll see the trend search terms, and at the top of the page you’ll be prompted to refresh the page in order to see how many more related tweets have come in since starting your search.
What makes the OneRiot Twitter search different is the fact that OneRiot is indexing weblinks that are being shared via tweets. It’s an interesting perspective for web search, specific to Twitter and socially driven. For each link shared on Twitter, OneRiot will note the user who initially found it, how many tweets have shared it, and when it was last shared through Twitter.

Such a feature offers yet another way in which to aggregate and comprehend data surrounding and being distributed through Twitter. What’s it mean for you? There’s yet another way to track the activity of your keywords of interest as they make their way across the web.
Similar to services like TweetMeme, OneRiot is giving you an index of what’s going on in the Twitter web. What’s good about OneRiot’s implementation is that the Twitter searches can be related back to some of OneRiot’s other search features, which most recently includes real time video search.
But the OneRiot Twitter search is still new and could use a couple of new features. While you can tweet a search result page, you can’t yet tweet an individual search result. It would make the OneRiot Twitter search features even more socially involved if you could retweet or reply to certain search results, or even see additionally shared links based on individual users that appear in these search results.