One-touch Conference Call Dialing with MobileDay

Photo via GigaOM

Conference calls can be a pain. Just consider some of the factors that must align for success: correct dates and times, proper dial-in numbers and access codes. To that end, MobileDay has created a one-touch dialing app that makes conference calls a snap. But the app offers more than just convenience. By routing toll-free and local call-in numbers to the proper parties, the companies that host the calls stand to save thousands of dollars each month, according to PandoDaily.

The quirky Boulder, Colorado-based startup operates with a skeleton crew of eleven staffers, whose unconventional job titles range from CEO/Fuddy-Duddy to High Alchemist.

According to MobileDay’s Court Advisor/Jester, Brad Dupee, the current problems with conference calls are two-fold: complexity and cost. Users – both the host and visitors – are often left scrambling for the call-in details moments before the virtual meeting begins, and that is where people make costly mistakes. Companies usually have two phone numbers to access the call: one local number, where the caller absorbs any associated costs, and one toll-free number (presumably for international calling) where the host company foots the bill. However, calendar invitations typically provide just the toll-free number.

MobileDay simplifies the process of deciding which number to use by syncing with the user’s calendar and automatically detects the conference call details based on location. The app boasts integration with any conference call provider, from GoToMeeting® to Google+ Hangouts to Apple FaceTime.

Backed by big name investors such as the Foundry Group and Google Ventures, MobileDay’s future looks secure. In fact, PandoDaily estimates that the company will hit its one millionth user within a few days. Taken together, the signals point to many unhappy conference callers ready for a better solution.




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