One of the Few Fashion Writing Jobs in DC

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Looking to work in the fashion industry in DC? Your options are very, very limited. Aside from the few “luxury” PR firms that bill themselves as being a part of the fashion industry, the pickings are slim.

But one place where the work is legit is at Washingtonian magazine, under the direction of Kate Bennett.

Bennett, who serves as the fashion editor of the Washingtonian brand as well as editor in chief of Washingtonian Bride & Groom and Washingtonian MOM, is looking for an assistant fashion editor to write print and online fashion, beauty, and style pieces. Bennett’s new deputy will also manage and style photo shoots, including the spring and fall fashion sections, high-scale productions for Bride & Groom, and the December magazine Gift Guide.

We spoke with Bennett, who herself exemplifies what you would think of an actual fashion editor, on the good, the bad, and the ugly pretty of Washingtonian’s Assistant Fashion Editor position. Click through for more on the position from Bennett herself and to apply.

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Washingtonian Fashion Editor Kate Bennett
FishbowlDC: What is this person going to love about working for you?

Kate Bennett: “They will probably love the variation of the role – one day we’re pulling clothes for a shoot, the next we’re devising a blog calendar and digital strategy, or we’re identifying the trends and forecasting the “in” styles around the city. And oftentimes we’re on location or in-studio, shooting fashion or product pages with some incredible talent. However, the person who gets the job will also appreciate the opportunity to write content, hone his or her journalism skills, and learn how a magazine is made, soup to nuts. Plus, I hear that I’m a pretty decent boss, so there’s that?”

FBDC: And I have to ask – what will they enjoy least? // Her answer is something anyone who’s watched “The Hills,” “The City,” or “Kell on Earth” already knew.

KB: “Well, there are a lot of fun parts to the job, but there’s a bit of manual labor in the form of steaming clothes, carrying boxes and racks, returning samples. Let’s just say, if the goal is getting Michelle Obama-toned arms, I’ve got you covered.”

FBDC: On what to expect…

KB: “Shooting our larger-scale productions, you really get a chance to experience a level of preparation and execution that’s as close to a national publication as we’re going to get in a regional market. We have this great Washingtonian brand, with all of its iconic history and service elements, but we also have two extremely chic and sophisticated ancillary publications – it’s the best of both worlds, really.”

Washingtonian is the recipient of five National Magazine Awards, as well as SPD and CRMA awards. To apply, click here.